Day Passes and Trials:

One Time Day Pass: $5

10 Visits Guest Pass: $45

Monthly Membership:

1 Month: $39

3 Months: $110

6 Months: $215

1 Year: $399

Monthly E.F.T. Membership:

Monthly: $32 - Best Value, No Contract

$10 monthly collected fee for any reason that funds cannot be accepted.

Discount Memberships:

$27 E.F.T.  //  $34 Non-E.F.T.

3 Months: $100

6 Months: $195

1 Year: $385

Applies to Seniors 60+, Military, Law Enforcement, and Full-Time Students. Must Present Identification for Discounts.

Monthly Family Plans:

$82 E.F.T.  //  $97 Non-E.F.T.

3 Months: $285

6 Months: $575

1 Year: $999

Immediate Family Only.

An additional $10 per person after the first four members added.

E.F.T. = Electronic Funds Transfer (Automatic Monthly Withdrawal)


Motivation. Accountability. Dedication.

Let us help take you to the next level. Do you need more motivation to workout harder? Are you a beginner and want some help getting comfortable and developing a plan? Are you experienced but want to bust out of a plateau? We will customize a workout routine for you. Let us help by using our years of experience in the weight room!

Personal Training:

Member Prices  //  Non-Member

1 Hour Session: $40  // $60

5 Half Hour Sessions: $95  //  $140

10 Half Hour Sessions: $175  //  $225

15 Half Hour Sessions: $210  //  $350

10 One Hour Sessions: $300  //  $475

Choose 2 Change! $200

Our famous program! You get a workout plan, diet plan and cardio plan all fitted for you for 8 weeks! Unlimited access to us, check-ins for adjustments and coaching. 

Lifestyle Coaching $50/Month 

Monthly subscription! This includes macros, weekly check-ins, measurements and picture updates! Also, includes discounts on workouts and memberships. This program is also encouraged for our online clients afar!

Workouts $75:

8 Weeks of customized workouts for your needs and goals!

1 Month Macro Plan $50:

Calories, Fats, Carbs, Proteins. Good at tracking? We will tell you what you need to lose or gain weight. We will also include pages of information on tips and tricks for dieting and meal prepping!



More advanced? Have the basics down? Natural Science is a stimulant free company that offers some AMAZING products like TRT Testosterone, Natural Strength, and caffeine free pre-workout! Check them out, contact us before you order, so we can chat about your goals!


We use 1stPHORM supplements for everything. Their products are 100% and work, we have done the research. We use everything from a multi-vitamin to post workout isolate protein and everything in between!